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What I would like to see at WWDC 2021

WWDC kicks off next week and I am psyched to see what iOS 15 & macOS 12 bring to the Apple platforms this year!

Here is a list of wishes, wants, and what will probably end up actually happening…


Powerbook and Power Mac make a come back

When I was a kid, I always loved the simple Mac lineup of consumer and pro model machines across Macs. I would like for Apple to announce or at least tease a new MacBook Pro that is truly aimed at professionals. Something that is focused on power and speed and less colorful. I purchased a pair of AirPods Max recently and I noticed that the Space Gray of that and my iPhone 12 Pro are much closer in tone than my 15” 2017 MacBook Pro. In addition to that, I would like to see a desktop that is somewhere between the new iMac and the Mac Pro in price and in features. I definitely think the Mac Pro is overpriced but I do see why some creatives, especially in entertainment, need that kind of product. I believe Apple will announce a new MacBook Pro in a 14” and 16” configuration, but I think we will have to wait longer than usual to actually get our hands on one. I also think we will not hear about pro desktop machines until the Fall.

macOS stays on Mac

This one is not really a new hardware feature but, it is being talked about because of the new iPad Pro hardware. I do not want macOS on iPad! As much as I have heard developers and filmmakers beg for things like Xcode and Final Cut Pro, if Apple brings that to the iPad, it will probably be as an app in iPadOS that will be significantly trimmed down from its Mac counterpart and that’s how it should be. My favorite Apple product is the Mac, and I do not want to see macOS running on a tablet. I never have and I don’t see a practical use for it. If you want an M1 Mac that’s light and easy to travel with, get a MacBook Air. What people are asking for is an inferior version of macOS running on the iPad Pro just because it has an M1. Once the novelty wears off, it will become apparent that macOS has over 20 years of fine tuning to make it the best desktop operating system. That being said, I do think that Apple will fully flesh out iPadOS with new features, better UX, and only on iPad Pro semi-pro apps.

A new Apple Display

An Apple display for professionals who do not need the features of the Pro Display XDR that justify the ridiculous price tag. Something that's as good a quality as the LG Ultrafine line would suffice with Apple branding and some cool design features like 90 degree rotation priced around 1K would be an easy seller. I think there is a solid chance that this will happen at some point, but I don't think WWDC would be appropriate for this announcement.


Mark iMessages as unread

A simple feature that would be nice and useful with our contact being so reliant on tech, there needs to be a way to mark text messages as unread, or keep the notification on. This seems like a perfect thing that would quickly become a “How did I ever live without this?” feature. I don’t see how or why this is not a part of Messages already, and this seems like a simple enough feature that Apple might bring to iOS 15

Better reliability from iPhone 12

Speaking of how we communicate nowadays, I have read many articles about the woes of iPhone 12 users and the network reliability issues. Personally, my iPhone is almost always running on LTE even when I know some form of 5G is available. Some have suggested this is a hardware issue but seeing as you can toggle airplane mode on and off and it will fix the issue 95% of the time, I think this could be addressed with a software update.

Get rid of storyboards

I have never actually used Storyboards. When I first started learning about iOS development and was doing online tutorials and courses, sure I followed along with them, but I have never been confident or comfortable using them. Historically, unless I am just designing something, I do not like drag and drop interfaces or an overwhelming amount of options when I am trying to create a simple interface to prototype something. I don’t think Storyboards are a good development experience and are something that was meant for introductory purposes to newcomers. For that reason, while I would love to see Apple get rid of it altogether, I doubt they will. They are pretty good for learning, but in a production environment, Storyboard XML files and source control is an absolute nightmare!

More reliable wireless debugging in Xcode

The wireless technology in Sidecar is truly incredible, why can't we have the same tech power the wireless debuggging and installation in Xcode, this makes no sense, fix this please!

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As always, thanks for reading!

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