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Three reasons why Apple Car is not one Car

Apple Car has gotten a lot of attention in the news recently and while a lot of people assume that Apple is going to have an Apple branded car, some people like myself do not think so. Imagine instead, Apple having an autonomous or semi-autonomous system installed in select electric models of cars made by select brand partners such as Hyundai and not competing in the luxury car market. Here’s three reasons why this makes more sense.

Environmental Impact

If Apple wants to make a serious environmental impact, which it claims to, it will make more than one “Apple Car” which means they would partner with more than one auto maker to make an EV with their technology. The idea that Apple will make a Tesla competitor does not fit that goal. Buying a Tesla has become an “I work in tech and make a lot of money” fashion statement which is probably contributing to climate change rather than reducing it. Having people buy a vehicle who normally would not do so when they live in a city like Seattle or SF with adequate public transportation and tech shuttles to get around.

Apple has also recently shown a bigger commitment with bringing their products to the masses. They have released devices with older technology to be adopted by entry-level and cost conscious consumers. I think Apple will target the middle-class with this tech and in doing so, be able to make a big impact and even bigger environmental statement at their press conferences. As we know, Apple loves to advertise how little their carbon footprint is and a slide that says adoption of Apple car has removed “X tonnes of CO2 from the environment” is bound to happen after its release.


Having fully functioning autonomous car technology would mean that Apple could offer a fleet of cars that they can use to provide ride-sharing services that compete with Uber and Lyft. This would not only make an environmental impact, but would bring in revenue as an alternate service that caters to privacy, safety, and security.


Apple certainly has the money to pull something like this off, but if we think about the Apple brand, it doesn’t make sense to have an Apple branded car. Having worked at an Apple store myself, I know customer service is something that Apple takes every seriously. If they have an Apple Car, there will inevitably be people who go to Apple stores and think that they can get some “genius” to look at their tires and AC.

Vehicle brand partners would allow Apple to not have to worry about the mechanical issues that arise in “their” cars. One could potentially put the car in some for of diagnostic mode, supply a serial number or VIN and they could diagnose issue with the system from an Apple store or dealership partner.

It will be interesting to see what new partners and talks are rumored or released in the coming months and years. What are your thoughts? Reach out to me Let me know!

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